Talking Points for Emails to the UTLA Regarding Anti-Israeli Resolution  



1. Introduce yourself ("Hi, my name is ____, and I live in _____") 
2. Select any/as many of the talking points below and either copy/paste them into the body of the email or use them to write your own commentary. 

3. Send the email to the UTLA Board of Directors 

Cecily Myart-Cruz: UTLA President 


Alex Caputo-Pearl: UTLA NEA Vice President  


Juan Ramirez: UTLA AFT Vice President 


Gloria Martinez: UTLA Elementary Vice President 


Julie Van Winkle: UTLA Secondary Vice President 


Alex Orozco: UTLA Treasurer 


Arlene Inouye: UTLA Secretary 



  • As a parent and community member, I’m deeply troubled and strongly opposed to the proposed UTLA resolution, which is fostering hate, discrimination, and antisemitic violence in our community.

  • The proposed resolution is biased, one-sided, and is based on false propaganda discriminating against members of the LAUSD community 

  • Schools should promote equality, inclusion, and safety for ALL students and teachers. This resolution would promote discrimination, hate, violence, and a hostile environment.

  • Demonization of the Jewish state is demonization of Israeli and Jewish Americans, who have suffered a dramatic increase in violent antisemitic incidents in recent months.

  • This resolution will foster direct Discrimination Based on National Origin against the second generation of Israeli American immigrant community, making public schools not safe and not accessible.

  • This resolution will prevent Israeli American students to freely celebrate their culture and heritage, just like any other American minority and immigrant community.

  • This resolution promotes bullying against Jewish students and against non-Jewish students who express pro-Israel sentiments.

  • This resolution will be UTLA’s endorsement of the BDS hate movement, fostering its violence and agenda to undermine and delegitimize the Jewish people right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland. 

  • Ultimately the resolution would encourage further division and intolerance, which already resulted in increasing violence in our streets. 

  • UTLA should be focused on two and only two things – the education and well-being of our children and teachers, regardless of their race, nationality, and background.